Parent Information

    1. Coaches
      1. Coach Ahlman – Swimming Coach
      2. Coach McManness – Diving Coach


    2. Dates –Calendar Practices
      1. First day of practice- March 18, 2019 (Non-track Athletes)

        Swim Meets –March 30, April 6, 13, 27 & May 4 (District)


    3. Physicals must be turned in by Feb 28, 2019.
      1. If a physical is not on file or there is missing information, the student will not be allowed to participate.


    4. Tryout Procedures
      1. Students must already know how to swim to try out.
      2. Students will be taken to Bannworth Park Natatorium at 4:05.
      3. Tryouts will consist of demonstration of the two different strokes.
      4. There will be girls’ team and a boys’ team.
      5. Students need to have passed all classes during the 4th six weeks grading period.


    5. Necessary Equipment Provided by Athlete: MUST BE BLACK
      1. Ladies: One piece swim suit (No U back Suits)
      2. Gentlemen: Jammers, or briefs (Trucks are allowed but not preferred)
      3. All swimmers: Goggles, towel, practice swim cap, clothes to wear over swim suits.


    6. Swimming Participation Guidelines
      1. All students need to be on the bus by 4:05.The bus will depart from North JH at 4:05 and take students to Bannworth Park on Shary Rd.
      2. Students will need to be picked up by 5:15 – bus leaves at 5:20 (thru March 22) and by 5:30 – bus leaves at 5:35 (till end of season) or the bus will take them home. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.
      3. All athletes must be at practice every day unless they are participating in another school event.If student is unable to make it to practice due to school related event, Coach Ahlman or Coach McManness must be notified in advance with a note from the other sponsor.
      4. If a student does not bring swim suit to practice it does count as an absence and will not be allowed to ride the bus.
      5. Athletes must provide daily – Suit, googles, and towel.


    7. Swimming Meet Guidelines
      1. Athletes must wear a BLACK swimming suit.
      2. All meets are held on Saturdays.All athletes need to report at the designated time.Each meet will be a little different depending on the location of the meet. All athletes may ride on the bus to the meets or parents can drop them off. Must be at pool by designated time. This is so they can meet designated warm-up time & Coach can replaces athletes in relays if needed.
      3. If an athlete will not be able to attend the meet they need to notify the coach in advance so that team mates can be placed in relays accordingly.
      4. If an athlete is expected at a meet and doesn’t show up, they will not be able to attend the next meet.
      5. If you are leaving from the meet, you MUST SIGN OUT with either Coach Ahlman or Coach McManness or Team Manager.
    • Given to athletes – Bag & Competition Swim cap.