Weslaco Swim Meet

Athletes need to be here at Sharyland North Junior High 6:40am.  Bus will be taking off at 6:45am.
Please bring snacks, food, and water to munch on during the day.
Expected arrival time back at North will be around 2:00pm - plus or minus a hour.
Divers - Diving will begin after the swimming events. 30 minute warmup will be given. 
Swimmers - Our warm-up begins at 7:30am. So if you parents are dropping you off - be there at 7:10am.  Meet will begin at 9:15am
Your parents are more than welcome to drop you off at the location, but please make sure you are there for warm-up. I will be doing my scratching at that time, if you are not there, I am assumming you aren't coming. If you are in a relay, I will find someone to replace you.
Please email me if you need anything.
Location: 793 E 7th St.  Weslaco, TX
Directions: The pool is located at 801 East 7th street in Weslaco. Get off the expressway at Texas and turn south, go until you get to 6th street, turn left and go by Central Middle School. Turn right on Bridge Street, go to 7th street and turn right. You will see the pool
from Bridge Street.