U.I.L. Student Responsibilities




Sharyland North Jr. High

UIL Student Responsibilities

1.     Attend Practice each week for each event. Excused absences should be cleared by the coach or Mrs. Adame.

2.     Have your transportation pre-arranged for practices and meets.

3.     Pick up and return permission slips in a timely fashion.

4.     Participate in 4-6 invitational meets. (The cost is $5 per student per event.)

5.     Participate at the District meet.

6.     Call Mrs. Adame at (956)686-1514 ext. 3424 if you get sick or have an emergency and must miss a meet. (Make other changes as soon as possible through your coach or Mrs. Adame. Parents/guardians should email us concerning missed practices/meets.)

7.     Check the SNJH webpage for updates.

8.     Be responsible for your actions, stay with your team at all times, ask and/or notify your coach if you will be leaving the designated area, and observe dress code expectations.

9.     Keep our holding area clean. Please throw away your own trash and help out when asked.

10.   Know ahead of time the room and time for each of your events at a meet.

11.   Please be prompt to your assigned bus. You will be responsible to call Mrs. Adame and make arrangements for transportation if you miss your bus.

12.   If you are picked up from a meet, please have your parent/guardian sign you out (Your parents are not permitted to transport other students from any meets. Special arrangements need to be done in writing to the principal, Mrs. Leal, or Mrs. Adame prior to the meet)


Thank you for being a part of the Diamondback Academic UIL Team!