SNJH Science classroom and Lab Policies & Procedures

Classroom and Lab Policies & Procedures


A. Major Assignments: 60%

I. Tests & Projects:

A. Test will be given upon completion of a chapter or unit.

B. Ample time will be allowed in class to review thetest.

C. Reteaching and retesting will be done according toschool policy.

D. Retesting does not apply to class work, homework,lab work, projects, and quizzes.

B. Minor Assignments: 40%

II. Class work & Homework:

A.       Class work & Homework may include any otheractivity the teacher chooses to label as Class work.

B.       Assignments are due at the beginning of the class.

C.       Late work will be accepted according to district’sgrading policy.

D.       The policy for accepting the late work due to excusedabsences follows the school policy.

III. Lab work & Quizzes:

A.    Detention or lab grade of a “0” may be given for notfollowing the lab safety rules.

B.     Students are not allowed to break or damage the labequipment. If they do so, they may require replacing the equipment/Detention oroffice referrals may be assigned also.

C.     Students are recommended to notify the teacher forplanned absences.


A.    One 3-ring binder will be kept to include:

B. Notebooks will be graded for completeness,neatness, and organization.