"Famous" Quotes



“Mr. Castillo beats me in straight sets every time we play!”




“We learned everything we know from Mr. Castillo.”


“Mr. Castillo showed me how to catch a football with only 1 finger. The best I could do was three.”

“People think I’m the most accurate passer, but that’s because they don’t know about Mr. Castillo.”


“I secretly pay him to write my jokes.”


“I thought I was smart… Then I met Mr. Castillo.”



“I used to race people. Then one day I challenged Mr. Castillo… I don’t race people anymore.”





I want to be like Mr. Castillo when I grow up!



Losing to Mr. Castillo was the reason I stopped playing chess.




          Just my weekly conversation with Mr. Castillo.        


Mr. Castillo has seen me… three times!... Once he even got me on video!




The only reason I’m in the avengers is because Mr. Castillo turned them down.


 Zayn didn’t quit the band. We fired him, so Mr. Castillo could join.                                                                                           


Mr. Castillo’s favorite book!

"Very strong with Mr. Castillo the Force is."